Super nice people. Brandon really knows his stuff. Very polite and took the time to explain everything in an understandable way. Knows the ins and outs of the business and related insurance coverage/vendors. Definitely a person that cares about his customers and has their best interests in mind. Highly recommended!
Judi Martinez, on Google
My first appointment was a very positive experience. Both my husband and I are happy we found this practice and look forward to many years of working with Brandon. We appreciate his expertise.
Judy Wells, on Google
I had an appointment there today and Brandon was such a nice young man who gave me the test and explained the results of my test thoroughly. Very professional. Such a nice and clean office . The young lady was very professionalas well.
Camille Dunn, on Google
(*˘︶˘*)人(˘︶˘) Extremely a wonderful experience. I can say so many wonderful things about my first and second visit.. That will fill this page up. And take it from me I do not like going to any doctor especially new ones. Being a germaphobic nothing ever seems clean when I go out in public. But their office and staff are extremely clean. I didn't even see dust in the window sills. Everyone that I met on both office visits was extremely patient with my corks and did not make me feel bad about any of them . It was very nice to be accepted just as I am. From the time that my insurance booked the appointment for me and they did extremely friendly courtesy reminders and accepted when I had to change the appointment at the last moment and move myself to a sooner date for the initial hearing test all that went excellent. Everyone was very friendly and the hearing test was peaceful. My hearing aids came in extremely fast earlier than we expected and again they were excellent with their communication with me to set up the second office visit for the fitting of my new hearing aids. when I want to pick up my new hearing aids the lady sat me down and walked me through everything making sure that all my questions where answered. That made me fill there was absolutely nothing to fear.. How to put them in and out how to maintain them as well as what my insurance coverage on the devices what the deductible would be if I lost them Etc. She covered all my questions and God knows I'm like a 5-year-old in a car going to a new candy store. Can I ? can I? what's this? what's that? what do I do? how do I do that? how do I do this? When should I do that? Why should I do that? all the questions all the very many many questions I had were all answered. To sum up the wonderful experience I had is you won't make a mistake going there very friendly very accommodating and they do look out for you on saving you money I was so nervous about the cost and very surprised that when walking out I didn't even pull out not $1 they made sure I had exactly what I needed and that it fit in with my extremely tight budget and went the extra distance to get everything covered even extra batteries I believe to last for over a year. I am extremely happy. I used to use the phrase. No pain, No gain.) Well there was no pain and I gained my hearing back. What a blessing. ¶_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)人(◕‿◕✿)√ If you're fearing that you have hearing loss but keep putting it off because you don't think your insurance will cover it all I highly highly recommend NewSound Hearing in Conroe Texas. PS now my Husband which is a Hermit he absolutely does not care to socialize with any body. But we both know he has hearing loss so now he will be going. I checked and they accept his insurance. And the office lady it only took her a few minutes when I showed her my husband's insurance card. (⌐■‿■)ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ Not that it really matter to me. Only because I don't get out that often but when I do get out of the house. I didn't want it to look very obvious that I was having to wear hearing aids. How awesome my family did not even see them on me. I told them there was something new about me. They looked up and down all the way around and never seen them. Even without me communicating about design and style NewSound got me the perfect pair. I can now here my family talk without having to say what what did she say. LOL ¶_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)人(◕‿◕✿)√
KathyJo S. Manes (A TXgirl), on Google
Had a hearing aid loose a keeper ring and needed to have it checked for possible repair. Made a drop in visit (with out an appointment) with hopes they could give it a view to confirm it’s repairable. The Conroe store was busy, but AudioTech Kasey Chappell took time to review my AID and also repair. Yea YEA. Thank you..
Donald Wenzel, on Google

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